What if you find yourself between homes at either end of your move? No problem. Booska Movers can arrange for storage. Padded protectively and stored in a clean and secure warehouse, your belongings will be ready for the final phase of your move whenever you are ready for them. Booska offers these special handling services for minimal cost and maximum convenience.

Booska Movers offers on site containerized storage at our warehouse in Burlington, VT and Naples, FL. If you chose to store your household goods at Booska Movers, we place your goods in secure storage containers to protect your items from loss or damage. Household items stay packed in their original moving cartons. Upholstered furniture is and stored on specially designed racks and protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap or stored in a sofa box.

We know quality storage is important to you. That’s why our storage facility as a 24.7 monitored security systems as well as a 24.7 fire alarm protection system.


Our monthly charge for storage is based on weight. We charge $3.75/ 100lbs per month for cold storage and $4.00/100lbs for heated, with a minimum of $80.00 a month (2,000lbs). We also charge a warehouse-handling fee. What this fee covers is the following: Unloading items from the truck, padding the items, double checking the inventory to make sure all of your items get into your crates, crating the items and putting the crates away into the warehouse. This fee is charge based on weight and is $8.00/100 lbs (this is a one time fee). The Minimum fee is $160.00 (2,000lbs).

Please note that your hourly rate fee stops when the movers get to the warehouse an the warehouse handling fee is then in effect. On the way out of the warehouse, you are charged on an hourly bases for loading your items from the crates into the truck.) For more information on our storage or If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us or to fill out a service request form.

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