Claim Form

  1. Claims must be submitted in writing within ten (10) days of delivery (nine months for interstate claims). No claim will be considered registered until the claim representative at Booska Movers has received a completed “Statement of Claim” signed by the customer.
  2. Please do not discard or repair any items without prior authorization from this office, as we reserve the right to inspect all claimed items.
  3. If you are claiming any damaged items, which were packed, please indicate whether the carton was damaged. Please also save the packing materials and carton for our inspection.
  4. Please describe the nature and location of damages for each article claimed and furnish repair estimates whenever possible to support the claim.
  5. Please provide the manufacturer’s name, the model, and the serial number of any appliances or electronic equipment claimed as missing or damaged.
  6. Copies of original purchase receipts should be submitted with your claim, for items requiring replacement
  7. Regardless of any previous written or oral communications, you must include on this form all articles that you claim as either lost or damaged and submit with this form you paid Bill of lading, as well as any documents which would support your claim to receive any claim consideration. The Claim form needs to be filled out entirely for the claim to be considered a valid claim.
  8. Please make certain that all items you wish to claim are included on your claim form, and that the claim does constitute your complete and entire claim. Any claims not listed on this claim form, or any claims submitted to Booska Movers after this claim form will not be considered. You can only file one claim.
  9. No claims can be processed until move or account is paid in full.