How and when should I pay?

For local moves, payment is collected at the end of the move. We accept local checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. For interstate moves, payment is collected at time of delivery. We accept certified cashier checks, cash or MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

How will the total charges be calculated, and how do you charge for partial hours?

For local moves the actual cost of the move will be determined by multiplying the hourly rate by the numbers of hours worked. The last hour of your move will be prorated by 15-minute increments. (Please note we do have a two-hour minimum, and therefore anything under two hours will be charged two hours. Also please note that we do charge from port to port which means from the time they leave here until the time they return, the movers will factor in travel time back to the office in the actual hours.) For interstate moves the actual charges will be calculated based on the actual weight of your shipment.

Can I leave things in the drawers?

Yes, you can leave all articles of clothing or non-breakable and non-valuable items in the drawers. The drawers will be secured shut. Drawers of furniture that is fragile or antique, particleboard, pressboard, etc. need to be emptied.

Do all my boxes need to be sealed?

Yes. All boxes need to be closed and taped up. For best results, all boxes should be packed FULL, taking care to wrap breakables. Please identify fragile boxes. All totes need to be covered and taped shut to insure the items are secure.

In the event of poor weather on my move day, will my move still take place?

Yes. We will complete the move if at all possible. Booska Movers, Inc. will not be responsible for the soiling of carpets due to wet or muddy conditions, however. On move day on a day of poor weather, the movers will use floor runners or cardboard to protect your floor during your move.

Do you disconnect and reconnect my appliances or electronics?

We will move appliances or electronics from the original location and place them where they need to be placed at the new location. However, we DO NOT provide appliance services. All appliances and electronics need to be disconnected and ready to move when we get there. Your sales consultant can make those arrangements for you with a third party service if desired.

Do I have to claim high value items?

Yes. Any item having a value of more than $100.00 per pound are known as items of extraordinary value. All “articles of extraordinary value” in your shipment must be listed on a High-Value Inventory Form, which will be given to you by the salesperson to complete. Although you might have other articles of extraordinary value, the following list should help you identify items that might fall under this classification: jewelry, furs, art and coin collections, crystal, figurines, antiques, Oriental rugs, precious stones or gems, china and silverware. In the event of a claim, any settlement involving an article of extraordinary value listed on the High-Value Inventory form is limited to the value of the article, not to exceed the declared value of the shipment, based upon the valuation program applicable to your shipment. If an article of extraordinary value is not listed on the form, Booska’s maximum liability is limited to $100 per pound per article. The provisions applicable to articles of extraordinary value would not cover shipments that move under the Released Rate Liability program, in which the declared value of the shipment would be 60 cents per pound per article. For a full description of the Full-Value Coverage, Depreciated Coverage and Released Rate Liability programs, please ask your Booska Movers salesperson.

Can my items be stored temporarily?

If you have a closing issue, or are unable to take possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored in our Storage Facility until you are ready for them. If the items just need to be held overnight we can store your items locked overnight in our trucks and deliver it to you the next day. This service is provided with a fee. For more questions on these services or on storage rates please see the storage section of our website or give us a call.

Can I move jewelry and other valuables?

Items of extraordinary value such as jewelry, money, photographs, antiques and stamp collections can be included in your shipment, provided you notify your United agent of these items before packing or moving day. However, we strongly recommend that you carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you, or make other arrangements for their transport. In the moving industry, items worth more than $100 per pound are considered to be articles of "extraordinary" value. To be assured that a claim involving these articles is not limited to minimal liability, complete and sign the High-Value Inventory form and sign the "Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration" box on the Bill of Lading. If no articles of extraordinary value are included in your shipment, simply write "none" on the High-Value Inventory form and sign it.

Can I move my houseplant?

When moving locally, we are not responsible for safely moving your plants, because they suffer from a lack of water and light, as well as probably temperature changes, while they are in transit. When moving interstate, we are unable to move your plants. Some states prohibit the entry of all plants and therefore we are unable to take them on our trucks. To ensure your plants make it safely please transport your plants in the family car or ship them by plane if you are moving out of state.

Can I ride with the movers? Can my pets be moved?

No. Due to insurance issues we are not allowed to transport animals or people in our trucks. Only our employees are allowed to be in our trucks.

Can I help the movers?

You can help the movers by placing boxes on the back of the truck. However, you are not allowed to carry any items with the movers or be in the back of the truck or on the ramps.

How do I report a claim?

If you have a damaged item and you moved locally, you have 10 days to report a claim. To report your claim, call our office at 1-800-649-3185 and speak to the claims department. If you moved interstate, you have 9 months to report your claim. To report your claim, call our office at the number above and speak to the claims department. You may also fill out a claim form online. There is also an instruction form on how to fill out the claim form. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.