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Vermont International MovingBooska Movers can move you from anywhere to anywhere. Wherever your life may take you, trust Booska Movers to safely get your belongings to you. This is true for not only moves across town or across the country but also moves across the world.

At Booska Movers we approach international moving with attention to detail. Our approach translates to customer satisfaction in any language.  Just as we pride ourselves in our domestic services, our international partners share the same standards of excellence. These partners, selected based on their ability to work to the same standards for quality, moving, logistics, dedication and customer service that Booska Stands for. Through our partners, Booska Movers provides global representation for both origin and destination services.

Packing Methods: Containers

International moving utilizes lift vans, cargo containers, loading and unloading on ships, s a result packaging for there shipments require supplemental wrapping using corrugated and paper pads. Booska Movers has years of experience providing these services. The cost of an international move is determined based on the size of your shipment. By selecting the proper size container, Booska Movers is able to provide the best and most cost effective solution.

Air Freight

Household good shipped via air are packed in airline-approved containers.

Ship Containers

There are a number of options; based on the size of your shipment. Smaller shipments utilize Liftvans, which are placed inside a steel container. Steel containers are used for larger shipments; they range in length from 20' to 45'. Booska Movers determined, which moving systems should be employed to insure the safety, efficiency and value for our customers. Booska Movers years of experience in providing Origin and destination services makes Booska’s the best choice for your international move.

International Operations

At Booska Movers, we consider all available options and match them up with our customer’s needs. Using information gathered by our professional estimator’s volume, weight, services required, and shipping modes. We determine the equipment requirements and the cost of each move with greater accuracy. Booska’s estimates, whenever possible include all the cost associated with your move. We do not want our customers to receive hidden or unexpected charges.

International Requirements

Booska Movers commitment to customer service ties directly to the quality services we deliver on our behalf.


What’s required for clearance in terms of visas, licenses, consular approvals, authorization letters, etc.

Customs Clearance Regulations

What can be imported or required duties or permits.

Cautionary Areas

What areas require special attention, planning or are of particular sensitivity.

Prohibited Items

Shipment of these items may result in fines, penalties, confiscation or prosecution.

Should you have other questions or concerns regarding your international move, Booska Movers can provide you with additional information or resources.

Booska Worldwide Moving and Storage

Booska Movers is a certified independent, full- service mover. Booska Movers was founded in 1946 and continues to be a family owned and operated business. Booska is a member of the following organizations: Better Business Bureau, American Moving & Storage Association, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce.Through our experience, we design your international move with great care and attention to detail. That is why you should rely on Booska Worldwide when it’s time to make your international move!


All international pricing is based on cubic footage and weight. Since each international move must be designed for your individual needs there is no easy quote. Each quote is specially designed to suite your individual needs. Please contact the office or submit a request for service form for pricing information.

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